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January 22nd, 2013 by Evangeline Holland

On Writing Difficult Heroines

Actually, it wasn’t until I began paying attention to book blogs and in-depth discussions of the romance genre that I realized there was such a thing as a “difficult heroine”. My method of crafting a book typically begins with a character and a situation, sparked either by something that intrigues me (a movie, snippet of conversation, fandom discussions of characters, etc) or by an interesting real person I’ve stumbled across during my non-fiction reading or on Wikipedia. So when I do the brainstorming, plotting, structuring of the book before I sit down to write, my primary concern is to write interesting heroines and heroes who compliment them, and my enjoyment of history usually means I try to make my characters match the texture of their backdrop to make my writing and reading experience much richer (so I’m not afraid to write a heroine who might initially be anti-suffrage or indifferent to the cause! *g*). In the end, I am committed to writing characters–and heroines, especially–who are like real people, not placeholders one can easily step into and then slough off once the book ends.

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