Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Thank you Ellie Ash for inviting me on this blog hop!

What am I working on?

The sequel to An Ideal Duchess, titled A Duchess’s Heart, and a variety of other things. I’ve found that my anxiety over writing decreases when I work on multiple projects.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

First, I am writing an unrecognized genre (Romantic Historical Fiction), secondly, I write books in less popular settings (compared to Regency, Tudor, Victorian), and lastly, the romantic relationships in my books move in tandem with the familial relationships and friendships.

Why do I write what I do?

I write modern (historical) domestic fiction because the inner lives of women fascinate me. Through my characters I can explore a variety of questions and issues and watch how different types of women interact with and react to them.

How does your writing process work?

I have to allow an idea and the characters to percolate in my brain for a bit. Even if I get a burst of inspiration that results in an amazing synopsis/outline, I have to allow it to settle in my gut so I can “feel” the turning points, the themes, etc before sitting down to write. This can take a few months to a few years–and there have been stories I attempted in the past but was not mature enough or ready to write until much later. I am also incredibly analytical, and the pieces must fit together. Once all of this happens, I can bang out a first draft in a 1-2 months.

Author: Evangeline Holland

Evangeline is a public historian who brings her academic skills to fiction, in order to fill in the gaps in the historical record. Her love for history permeates just about everything she does, going so far as to "suffer" for this love--as the bruises and stuck fingers from fencing and sewing costumes to understand life in the past firsthand can attest.

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  1. Just over the past week or so, I have been looking through your website and have been inspired! I have started books in the past, but just recently I have been wanting to write a narrative of my life using real people and real stories while making it a fictional book. My setting is kind of like an Anne of Green Gables idea….anyways, your website has been very inspiring! 🙂

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