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March 31st, 2014 by Evangeline Holland

Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Thank you Ellie Ash for inviting me on this blog hop!

What am I working on?

The sequel to An Ideal Duchess, titled A Duchess’s Heart, and a variety of other things. I’ve found that my anxiety over writing decreases when I work on multiple projects.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

First, I am writing an unrecognized genre (Romantic Historical Fiction), secondly, I write books in less popular settings (compared to Regency, Tudor, Victorian), and lastly, the romantic relationships in my books move in tandem with the familial relationships and friendships.

Why do I write what I do?

I write modern (historical) domestic fiction because the inner lives of women fascinate me. Through my characters I can explore a variety of questions and issues and watch how different types of women interact with and react to them.

How does your writing process work?

I have to allow an idea and the characters to percolate in my brain for a bit. Even if I get a burst of inspiration that results in an amazing synopsis/outline, I have to allow it to settle in my gut so I can “feel” the turning points, the themes, etc before sitting down to write. This can take a few months to a few years–and there have been stories I attempted in the past but was not mature enough or ready to write until much later. I am also incredibly analytical, and the pieces must fit together. Once all of this happens, I can bang out a first draft in a 1-2 months.


4 Responses to “Blog Hop: My Writing Process”
  1. Just over the past week or so, I have been looking through your website and have been inspired! I have started books in the past, but just recently I have been wanting to write a narrative of my life using real people and real stories while making it a fictional book. My setting is kind of like an Anne of Green Gables idea….anyways, your website has been very inspiring! 🙂

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