An Experiment

Mine is the Night takes place over the course of ten days, and it felt a bit daunting to be forced to slow my normal pace of writing. I like to speed ahead, pulling my characters through a rip-roaring, and somewhat sweeping plot. Most of this is to do with my anxiety over not having enough words for the story–and I usually end up going way over the projected word count–so this novel is a definite challenge! My well-thumbed copy of Judith Ivory’s The Indiscretion is going to be a road map as I suss out how to keep the pacing and emotion at a slow, but believable speed.

Author: Evangeline Holland

Evangeline is a public historian who brings her academic skills to fiction, in order to fill in the gaps in the historical record. Her love for history permeates just about everything she does, going so far as to "suffer" for this love--as the bruises and stuck fingers from fencing and sewing costumes to understand life in the past firsthand can attest.

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