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January 7th, 2013 by Evangeline Holland

A Rewrite

I was only 80% satisfied with how The Townsend Inheritance turned out, and even though I could not place my finger on why I felt restless and dissatisfied when I thought of the book, I kept trying to find ways to fix it. A few days ago I had a burst of inspiration that made me grin and grimace–the rewrite was to take my characters in a brand new direction and my heroine was replaced by someone a bit sharper-edged and more nuanced. I struggled a bit against this because it would completely upset my planned writing schedule and it meant my reluctant return to a story that had given me so much trouble last year. However, as I began pushing and developing and shaping this new version of the trilogy, I became excited. This flowed so much easier and I didn’t feel the impatient and anxious dread that enveloped me whenever I sat down to write the original MS. More importantly, I feel much more in control of where and how to add the Downton Abbey/Upstairs Downstairs touch to the books, as opposed to scrambling around for ideas or plot twists I assumed should be in a book that would be marketed to Downton fans (which, IMO, will lead to a bunch of books flooding the market that read exactly alike). Funnily enough, the title I chose out of exasperation for the original MS, a title I was never easy with, goes with book one of this new version of the trilogy perfectly! So I see that the title was just waiting for me to match it with its proper story!

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