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September 1st, 2016

Shutting Doors, Closing Up Shop (Sort Of)

One of my vices is ambition. I see things I want to accomplish and I go after them–even if I want to accomplish five or six things at once. Then I’m left juggling my overbooked and overlapped life, until something has to give–which is usually my mental well being!

I managed to keep the balls of school, life, writing, leisure and procrastination in the air pretty well over the past two years, but when my summer internship took me out of my usual physical location, while also forcing me out of my usual virtual locations for lack of time, I was surprised by how relieving it was to unplug from my habits. And a whole ‘nother side of me blossomed with the opportunity to “talk shop” with my academic/public historian hat on. I also shed a lot of burdens over my writing I didn’t realize I’d been carrying.

But anyways, I am placing my author social media stuff on hiatus. If you really care that much, email me and I’ll send a link to my real life/professional social media accounts.

Until then, ciao.

Hopefully next time I surface, it’s to wave my next book deal and/or my doctorate degree all over the place, LOL.