December Means Christmas Trees!

The main thing I love about Christmas is putting up the tree. I didn’t take 2011’s down until late January of this year, haha. My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up (still don’t, in fact), and sometimes there were no presents under the Christmas tree. It sounds sad, but I did learn to live with not having things like Christmas presents or even birthday parties, so the fact that I can have a Christmas Tree every winter means the most to me. The downside to Christmas trees? My cat! He loves to climb the thing or–most of the time–sleep beneath it and doesn’t allow us to put presents on the tree skirt. Funny enough, he seems just as sad as I am when it’s taken down and packed away after the holidays!

My cat beneath the tree

Author: Evangeline Holland

Evangeline is a public historian who brings her academic skills to fiction, in order to fill in the gaps in the historical record. Her love for history permeates just about everything she does, going so far as to "suffer" for this love--as the bruises and stuck fingers from fencing and sewing costumes to understand life in the past firsthand can attest.

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