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July 9th, 2017 by Evangeline Holland


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September 12th, 2016 by Evangeline Holland

If A Tree Falls…

After placing my author social media accounts on hiatus, I realized that Twitter in particular had become an integral part of my life. So I opened up a new account, placed it on private, and sent tweets essentially to myself. At first I was uneasy: isn’t the point of social media to be social? To find your tribe online through mutual interests (usually discovered via hashtags)? And as an author, you should be out there, mingling with your peers and potential readers!

My unease quickly disappeared when I logged back into my normal Twitter account. The million and a half conversations, the links, the hashtags, the memes, the gifs, all zooming across my screen, felt like noise. The wrenching, shrieking violins from the shower scene in Psycho started playing in my head. Catching tail ends of twitter convos suddenly exacerbated FOMO syndrome, and I had to stop myself before I started down the path of clicking profiles and hashtags in order to keep up with what everyone was discussing today.

I’ve grown very fond of performance studies over the past year. Identity formations and role playing based on a standard repertoire for how X people are supposed to behave fascinates me, likely because I’ve always felt out of sync with how I am supposed to perform based on the intersections of my physical appearance, my ethnicity, my gender, my socioeconomic background, my religion, my education/profession, and my age. Having been a “member” of Romancelandia for a little over ten years, I am well versed in the performance of being A Romance Author (and A Romance Reader) when Online. Despite the shift towards digital spaces as a primary place for connection, the performance remains the same: you exchange enough social currency to build a new link in your network, thereby increasing your chances for success (e.g. a community of friends to share your book covers, new releases, etc).

But what happens when you don’t perform?

What if I never tweeted, Facebooked, or Instagramed ever again?

Is social currency like actual currency: it accumulates and collects interest when you don’t touch it? Or is it like the stock market: it rises and falls based upon exterior forces and demands (aka other people)?

If an author removes themselves from the flow of conversation, do they continue to exist to the community?

February 22nd, 2014 by Evangeline Holland

Coming Soon: the Modern Belles of History!

I’m not good with reaching out to people–I’m utterly convinced response will be “Who are you again?” O__o–but I had an idea I couldn’t shake: a group blog made up of authors who write novels set in the early 20th century.

The setting can be tough to sell to readers since WWII or the 1920s weren’t considered “historical” to many readers: they or their parents lived through those eras so it was intimately familiar enough to not sweep them away the way Regencies or Tudors or Revolutionary War do. And for the most part, we all grew up on 20th century history, whether it be through old films or the homework our teachers and professors assigned in history class–which also makes it difficult to see anything glamorous or romantic in the recent past.

Yet, this challenge fired me up, and it fires up the group of amazing authors I’ve gathered to blog about writing modern historical fiction:

Melissa March
Alison Atlee
Teri Brown (aka T.J. Brown)
Piper Huguley
Rachel Muller
Rebecca Paula
Cate Campbell
Julie Steele
Virginia Carmichael (aka Mary Jane Hathaway)

Bookmark our website for future reference, sign up for the RSS feed, and follow us on Twitter so you can know when the site officially hangs its shingle.