Coming Soon: the Modern Belles of History!

I’m not good with reaching out to people–I’m utterly convinced response will be “Who are you again?” O__o–but I had an idea I couldn’t shake: a group blog made up of authors who write novels set in the early 20th century.

The setting can be tough to sell to readers since WWII or the 1920s weren’t considered “historical” to many readers: they or their parents lived through those eras so it was intimately familiar enough to not sweep them away the way Regencies or Tudors or Revolutionary War do. And for the most part, we all grew up on 20th century history, whether it be through old films or the homework our teachers and professors assigned in history class–which also makes it difficult to see anything glamorous or romantic in the recent past.

Yet, this challenge fired me up, and it fires up the group of amazing authors I’ve gathered to blog about writing modern historical fiction:

Melissa March
Alison Atlee
Teri Brown (aka T.J. Brown)
Piper Huguley
Rachel Muller
Rebecca Paula
Cate Campbell
Julie Steele
Virginia Carmichael (aka Mary Jane Hathaway)

Bookmark our website for future reference, sign up for the RSS feed, and follow us on Twitter so you can know when the site officially hangs its shingle.

Author: Evangeline Holland

Evangeline is a public historian who brings her academic skills to fiction, in order to fill in the gaps in the historical record. Her love for history permeates just about everything she does, going so far as to "suffer" for this love--as the bruises and stuck fingers from fencing and sewing costumes to understand life in the past firsthand can attest.

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